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Using JoySound

Posted by Lina304

Step 1 : Enter the Joysound website : Joysound.com

Step 2 : Understanding the Search Options

Step 3 : Input Song / Artist / Show Title and enjoy!
This part is a little tricky. I'll show you how to find with an English Title input, since it's faster. (Joysound changed their website layout sometime when I wasn't looking, so here's the updated version) :

1. Click on the search drop down box and select the category you need. Here I've chosen the first one : Song Title.

2. Enter the name of what you're searching for. For my example, it's Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning". Full name would be best.

3. Find the right song or version (piano ver, with guide vocal, etc) that you need and click on the song name.

4. In the new page, find the number that will be located as pointed above. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. IT'S THE REASON WHY YOU'RE IN THIS SECTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

WARNING : Do NOT copy the number on the URL. THAT IS NOT IT.

With this song number you can quickly and easily add the song into your 'Karaoke List' without having to go through the trouble of searching thru the book (huge and somewhat outdated) OR the remote control (still quite troublesome).

Note 1: I'm aware that Yumekukan also has Korean/Chinese songs. Unfortunately I'm not sure how these songs could be searched on Joysound. You can try typing the Artist names in English and see if that works :)

Note 2: The song number and url number used to be the same, but for some brilliant reason, it is not anymore. WHY JOYSOUND? WHYYY????


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